Monday, October 26, 2009

The Month That Went

So I haven't updated in over a month. What the fuck happened?

Well, the start of my second year in the University of York happened. It's been quite hectic, and it's taken quite a while for the internet at home to be set up. So there you go, my reason for being absent for a whole month and a bit.

Does that mean I didn't go to any gigs or anything like that? Well, you'll be very wrong. Very, very wrong.

Here's a quick update to all the ones that I've seen over the past month:

There was Johnny Foreigner with Tellison and Japanese Voyeurs in Leeds at The Brudenell Social Club. After Johnny Foreigner played three songs, the PA system decide to commit suicide, so the crew spent half an hour trying to resuscitate it while them lovely Johnny Foreigner gave out pretzels and wotsits and played charades with us. Tellison were incredible, as usual. So were Johnny Foreigner, despite the hiccup. Here are some photos and videos.

Japanese Voyeurs


Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner plays charades

Johnny Foreigner featuring Tellison

They weren't the only ones we went to see. We also went to see Lost From Atlas support This Town Needs Guns, with another support act, Great Eskimo Hoax. This is the second time we've seen Lost From Atlas, and they're still as tight as ever. This Town Needs Guns were great live, even though they mostly played songs from the album 'Animals,' which wasn't the best effort from them. Great Eskimo Hoax are just disappointing. Enough said.

Lost From Atlas

Great Eskimo Hoax

This Town Needs Guns

Probably the best gig in that absent-from-blog month would be the one with Foals for the 5th anniversary of Transgressive Records at Heaven, London, with support from Two Door Cinema Club and Wet Paint. Wet Paint is as interesting as watching paint dry. It's quite painful to hear the vocalist sing. Sorry for being blunt, but compared with the amazing set by a drummer-less Two Door Cinema Club, Wet Paint were utterly shit. But hey, you can always rely on Foals to save the night. Or Yannis in a silver alien suit. Both are awesome.

Wet Paint

Two Door Cinema Club


A few weeks after the gig, our friend Dani who we met at a James Yuill gig and went to Foals with, told us to check out the week's issue of NME. And guess what, there we were.

As usual, we got front row. And front row with Foals is incredible. This is our second Foals gig, and this is also the second time Yannis jumped onto us. Yes, I kid you not. We are Yannis magnets.

Anyway, in other news. Tubelord and Johnny Foreigner have both recently come out with new albums. In fact, Johnny Foreigner's comes out today. Both are brilliant pieces of work. Tubelord's is called 'Our First American Friends,' which I believe is a reference to Hassle Records, the label they recently signed with. Johnny Foreigner's is called 'Grace & The Bigger Picture.' Interestingly, Tubelord has a song called 'He Awoke On A Bench In Abergavenny,' and Johnny Foreigner has a song called 'I Woke Up On A Beach In Aberystwyth.' Coincidence? I think not. Unless it's now the trend to have song titles about slumbers in Wales.

Here's the singles from both those albums:

Tubelord - Propeller

Johnny Foreigner - Feels Like Summer

Lost From Atlas is also coming out with a debut album on the 14th of November. They're not a big band, but they should be. Their music reminds me of the better parts of Explosions In The Sky. Their music is quite immense. Give it a listen. Download the free EP they're giving out, and give a listen to the new song on their myspace. If you're free and is somewhere near York, come to their album launch and get yourself a copy. I'm sure it will be incredible. I expect nothing less from them.

They haven't got a video or anything, so this is the closest thing I can find to one. It's the guitarist, Danny Gallagher, playing his acoustic guitar to a song he wrote. Imagine this, with an electric guitar, some bass and some wicked drumming, add a dash of the epic, and you've got a Lost From Atlas song.

Lost From Atlas's guitarist plays the acoustic

That's it for now. I'll be seeing Tubelord twice in the space of a week, once at The Brainwash Festival in Leeds, and once in York with Crazy Arm. Should be good.

Signing out

Over and out.