Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coffee Cause

This summer holiday I will update less often, since it's hard for me to really look into bands and find new music with this inconsistent connection. And I can't spend long in coffee shops. Or I'll spend a lot of money on coffee and other stuff like apple crumble that doesn't actually crumble (which defeats the point, in my opinion) or chocolate fudgecake that's not very fudgey.

I'm really looking to find gigs in Brunei, but I have no idea where to start. I am relatively clueless about the current music scene in Brunei. So if any Bruneian bands or promoters are reading this, help me out. E-mail me at, I'm being serious. I've got less than two months to explore the scene, and that's not really very long.

I'm also looking for a job, which is turning out to be quite a hard thing to do.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tom Robinson's Execution


I mentioned about Lost From Atlas's free EP the last time I blogged. And the day after, I got the EP from Pill. It's an amazing piece of work.

It's not all new, since 'Tom Robinson Must Die!' has been around for a while, and so has the first interlude. But it's still a brilliant collection of tracks that are definitely Lost From Atlas. The whole EP is about 16 minutes long, and includes a live track called 'Smalltown Gypsy Massacre.'

The first time I heard this EP, I made the mistake of listening to it while really tired and on my bed. The two cinematic and soothing interludes became wonderful lullabies. But don't mistake that as boring. When you have the time to appreciate it (i.e. not bloody sleepy and tired out of your fucking mind) then you'll find that Lost From Atlas's instrumental wonders of song are rewardingly exhilirating and invigorating.

Download the EP. You've got nothing to lose. It's free. And yes, it's legal.

By the way, the lovely Rob Jones, also delightfully known as 'The Voluntary Butler Scheme,' has come out with a single about two days ago. It's the excellently named 'Tabasco Sole.' This guy is charming, funny and has a wonderful sense of humour when he's writing his songs.

The video for Tabasco Sole has been out for a few months now. Well, it's basically just a group of line dancers dancing to the song. But as simple as it is, I think it's very, very charming.

I think you can still get the 'Vol-Au-Vent' EP for free from him. Just go to his myspace and look for it. I can't remember where it is. By the way, the Tabasco Sole single is one off his soon-to-be-released debut album.

"Bubblegum, call-and-response Motown, manufactured in the Midlands and as sweet as candy." - The Sunday Times

Rob Jones has become somewhat of a darling in the world of one-man-bands and charmingly funny lyrics.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Navigation Atlas


Lost From Atlas released a new EP, and it can be downloaded for free. I'm hoping to get it from Pill as soon as possible, as for some reason, the wi-fi here won't allow me to download anything bigger than 20mb in less than 45 minutes.

Most of you might not even know who Lost From Atlas are, so here's what the bio from their myspace says:

Not much, really. Anyway, this was what I said of them when I went to see Youves in York and they were supporting. Obviously they liked my review so much they decided to use it in their myspace page.

I really want to listen to the EP, as Pill gave it a very high rating of 4.6 out of 5, though how she devised that kind of precision in rating an EP is out of my comprehension. But I trust her music taste. She did introduce me to Foals, forced me to look up Tubelord and likes Avril Lavigne. Wait, did I say Avril? I meant Peggy Sue.

Download the EP here.

In other news, Tubelord (yes, this has turned into a Tubelord-obsessed blog as of late), told in an interview the first single from their debut album will be the excellent Propeller. I'm assuming this is a re-recorded version, so I'm curious to see if they'll either polish it up or let the track be. Either way I have faith in them to make Propeller either as awesome as it is now or more awesome than its current state.

Click on the picture to read the full interview.

Anyway, if you can't wait for the single, you can download the free EP, 'Square', courtesy from themselves.

If you're wondering, both the links are provided by the bands themselves, so if you're fussy about things like copyright, you don't need to worry.

From awesomeness to loveliness. Here's the lovely Abi Lanigan.

Clicking on the lovely photo will take you to her myspace page.

She has toured with likes of Newton Faulkner and Mr Hudson & The Library, and I do think her myspace description of herself is a spot-on summary of what her sound is.

Now maybe I judged Avril Lavigne too harshly. If lovely Lanigan can find it in herself to name-drop not-so-lovely-anymore Lavigne, then I should probably give the pseudo-punk girl (woman?) a second chance. Or maybe not.

And you know what Tubelord and Abi Lanigan have in common? They're both playing at Southsea Fest!

It's got me excited. First week back in England, and we'll already be in the wonderful company of Jo, Sean and Dave. How's that for awesomeness?

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We'll Listen To The Sounds Of The Southsea


Being back to the land where the local scene is not exactly my cup of tea (though metal is something I don't really mind and occasionally do like), I've (well, Pill really) already planned my return to Blighty with a visit to Southsea Fest in Portsmouth. Featuring many well-known acts like James Yuill, The Xcerts and The Joy Formidable, I'm expecting it to be well awesome.

But the band I'm most excited about is none other than the mighty Tubelord. It's getting agonisingly close to the release of their debut album ( a few months more), and I'm hoping they will play new material just to whet our appetite for this new album. I've just heard Tubelord will be supporting Hadouken at the Hoxton, London, sometime this month. That would've been one awesome gig. A little bit of obnoxious party-crashing nu rave with some fitzy math pop rock. Just pure perfection.

Myspace for Southsea Fest

I'm also going to the Foals gig in London that same month. Featuring supports by So So Modern and Two Door Cinema Club - both of which I've never heard of - my last live experience with Foals had been one of the best gigs I went to in my life, and I also discovered two other bands from Oxford - Jonquil and Youthmovies - who were as mental as fuck, both in very different ways.

I will try and find out more about the local music scene here in Brunei. My cousin is in what from he described to me seems to be a doom instrumental metal band. Which sounds brilliant. I'll be looking forward to be at their gig sometime soon.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Been Too Long

I'll update soon. Hahaha.

I might even make a mixtape.

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