Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Band Of The Week: D'Hask - What's Killing Me


What's Killing Me (D'Hask)

Now if you're from Brunei, and you're asked to name one Brunei band right now, it's quite likely you'll say screamo/emo D'Hask, whose influences also come from Indo alt-rock.

So in that sense, they're like a mix between respected local screamo-ers Airholes and radio favourites A Band Once.

Currently working on their first full album entitled 'Breaking The Error,' they recently released their new demo, ' What's Killing Me' for fans to download for free.

The track itself features a heavier sound than some of the Malay songs they've done. It stands comfortably between Funeral For A Friend's albums, 'Hours' and 'Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation', albeit with heavier, more fiery drumming. But it also completely surprises you with riffs and guitar lines that are more typical of metalcore, and a break more reminiscent of Killswitch Engage and bits of Thursday and Alexisonfire thrown into the mix for a bit of sauce.

These are the local lads that are responsible for this head-bangin' track.

Vocal/2nd guitar : K-Roll
1st Guitarist : Daus
Bass : Reme
Keyboard : Syarif
Drummer : Luffy

Download the song on Purevolume HERE.

Become a fan on Facebook HERE.

Check out their blog HERE.

Check out more Bruneian music HERE.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Brunei Band of The Week: The Satellite Kids - B.O.S. Bombs Over Satellite


B.O.S. Bombs Over Satellite (The Satellite Kids)

Why people still use Purevolume, I do not know. Maybe it's an old habit people can't break. Yes, Myspace is a bit spam-ulous and ugly, but at least it gets the job done. And oh, there's so much more exposure there.

But then Purevolume allows easier downloads, I know. Which is all well and good, because that's made me download the Satellite Kids' EP in its entirety for a wallet-saving zero pounds and zero pence (that's zero dollars and zero cents in Bruneian currency, if you were wondering).

This EP itself is quite eclectic in its influences. Drawing elements of house, lo-fi rock 'n roll and a dash of Animal Collective circa-Merriweather Post Pavillion, it's certainly one of the better, more thought-out releases I've heard so far from the local scene.

I'm skeptical at calling this an EP at all. Sure, at 10 tracks and 31 minutes long, t would lean on the side of a short LP, but it's almost like refusing to call Los Campesinos!'s 'We Are Beatiful, We Are Doomed' an LP. It just sounds too complete as an album to be called an EP.

Keep in mind this time I didn't really ask permission The Satellite Kids to post this, since the whole EP is up for free download anyway. And this will be the logical thing for me to do, that is for me to update about once a week. It's quite hard to keep up as a daily feature. Especially with all the Uni stuff I've had to deal with.

Download the song HERE.

Download the free EP HERE.

Check out the Purevolume profile HERE.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Brunei Artist Of The Day: The Rudies



The Rudies - Cerita Kita

The Rudies (AKA Chemisoul) claim to have a universal approach to music, absorbing every influence they can. But after all that, they also say they major in Rocksteady, Ska, Reggae and Slow Rock. Formed in 2004, this Kuala Belait outfit numbers at an astouding 11 members, with five listed singers.

The song featured is titled 'Cerita Kita,' which can be translated as 'Our Song.' It's a slow rock tune verging on indon alt-rock and a little bit of reggae/ska just bubbling under the surface. It's a chilled out love song, really. Radio-friendly, pleasant and easy to listen to.

The band consists of:

Drummer - Abdul Azim bin Haji Rahman (Ajim)

Guitars - Ak Mohd zulkerain bin Pg Haji Waliudin (Adek), Md Husaini bin Omar Ali (Amat)

Bass - Syaddad Bin Abdullah (Dax)

Keyboard/Singer/Guitar - Aszim Bin Azmi (Ajeem)

Keyboard - Mohaimin Bin Hamdan (memen)

Singers - Fandi Bin Razali (Pan), Din, Khairul Arifen bin Wahdaley (Nazrul), Najib bin Abdullah (Najib), Elaine (Elay)

Crew - Nasir Bin Zulkiflee (Nasir), Faiz Bin Delima (Faiz)

Manager - Zack Bin Haji Rahman

Download the song HERE.

Check out their blog HERE.

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Monday, March 1, 2010



...I haven't had time to post anything.

Sorry for that.

Here's some cookies.

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