Friday, September 11, 2009

Tell 'Em Son, It's Tellison

I've probably repeated this fact about 3.14151 thousand times, but hey, I fucking love Tubelord. I love Tubelord as much as I love the word 'awesome.' You would almost think that 'awesome' is the sound awesome would make, so it's pretty much onomatopoeic. No, don't you disagree with me.

But Tubelord is not my main focus here (I should probably just name this Tubelog, except Tubelord have already used that for their own). It's their friends, the terrific Tellison.

Go on. Clickey clickey. There's a world of wonders behind that JPEG that links you to Tell-uh-son. They're gonna be performing for Southsea Fest, along with Tubelord (hohohoho), James Yuill and Blakfish. That's an awesome list of musicians. And I haven't mentioned the other 3,454 (well, maybe one or two less) bands that'll be there.

They sound a lot like Johnny Foreigner and Colour (press 'like' button), who incidentally they'll be performing with. No, not with Colour. They've disbanded (boo hoo). I meant the wonderfully delightful Johnny Foreigner. The date I'm specifically excited about is the one in Leeds at The Brudenell. Sam, if you're reading this, are you up for another excellent night of dance and jumping?

In other news, The Voluntary Butler Scheme has recently released his debut album called, appropriately enough, 'The Voluntary Butler Scheme At Breakfast, Dinner and Tea' on August 31st. Now being in Brunei with shitty internet and no money in my account, I can't buy the album. Maybe I'll get a copy in one of his charmingly sweet shows.

Tubelord will have a single out on September 28, and it's going to be the excellent 'Propeller.' What's special about this release is (as if it's not special enough already) is that they're making every single unique by kidnapping bucketloads of artists (yes, that's how you collect artists, with buckets) and demanding them that they decorate each sleeve with their own style, and possibly letting them back to their families afterwards. Possibly alive.

Here's what Tubelord had to say for their criminal atrocities:

500 blank sleeves.
1 concept.
Illustrators and doodlers from all over.
A new single.
Every sleeve unique.

Here's the blog showing the progress of their project.

You can download a track named 'He Awoke On A Bench In Abergavenny' for free of their upcoming debut album called 'Our First American Friends.'

So that's all, lovelies.

Signing out

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