Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brunei Band Of The Week: AvantGarde - Gagal Bertahan

Gagal Bertahan (AvantGarde)

Nu Metal has been one of those genres where the mantra 'survival of the fittest' have rung true. In the early '00s, Nu Metal was an exciting new genre dominated by the likes of Linkin Park, Korn and Slipknot. It was a diverse subgenre, even leading people to categorise bands who denied publically that they were a part of this movement. Some incorporated DJs, unconventional instrumentation, heavy use of samples and frequent collaborations with hip hop outfits.

But the explosion also brought its share of new bands that wanted to be the next Linkin Park or Korn, while offering little in innovation or talent. There was a public and critical backlash. People turned away from the genre. Even the bands tried to distance themselves from being tagged as Nu Metal. Now only the forefathers and/or the best have remained, as the smaller, less influential bands die away quietly.

One of the bands that were influenced by those forefathers of Nu Metal are AvantGarde from Brunei, a five-piece formed in the early months of 2004.

Other than the Nu Metal influences, they also take in elements of 30 Seconds To Mars and Nirvana, but there's no mistake, one listen to this track, and you know they're heavily influenced by Linkin Park. The chorus clearly is a homage to Chester Bennington's vocal prowess, and every drum beat, every guitar riff, every sample seem to be a tribute to the Phoenix-based phenomenon.

So, is this just a Linkin Park cover band in disguise?

The simple answer is no. Listen to their other songs, and it's clear they're not a one-trick pony. Elements of hardcore, alternative and grunge creep in every now and then.

AvantGarde are their own. Sure, it's hard to shake off their influences, but they're a great band on their own merit. I've also got my sources that their live shows are a credit to the Bruneian live circuit.

  1. Syaeful Rezal - Vocalist,
  2. Jeffree - Bassist
  3. Sufe - Drummer
  4. Aerul - 1st Guitarist
  5. Yus - 2nd Guitarist

AvantGarde have recently released a self-titled EP, and is currently at work on a second album. As yet, they are unsigned and is looking for a record label.

They've been nominated for several awards at the Anugerah Pelangi awards.

Download the song HERE.

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