Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Band Of The Week: D'Hask - What's Killing Me

What's Killing Me (D'Hask)

Now if you're from Brunei, and you're asked to name one Brunei band right now, it's quite likely you'll say screamo/emo D'Hask, whose influences also come from Indo alt-rock.

So in that sense, they're like a mix between respected local screamo-ers Airholes and radio favourites A Band Once.

Currently working on their first full album entitled 'Breaking The Error,' they recently released their new demo, ' What's Killing Me' for fans to download for free.

The track itself features a heavier sound than some of the Malay songs they've done. It stands comfortably between Funeral For A Friend's albums, 'Hours' and 'Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation', albeit with heavier, more fiery drumming. But it also completely surprises you with riffs and guitar lines that are more typical of metalcore, and a break more reminiscent of Killswitch Engage and bits of Thursday and Alexisonfire thrown into the mix for a bit of sauce.

These are the local lads that are responsible for this head-bangin' track.

Vocal/2nd guitar : K-Roll
1st Guitarist : Daus
Bass : Reme
Keyboard : Syarif
Drummer : Luffy

Download the song on Purevolume HERE.

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