Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Downloads 4.0

My favourite way to apologise for not having posted for so long is by bribing you with free downloads. So here you go, you cheap, cheap bastards.


The Attika State - Genesis and Catastrophe / Leave Your Dignity At The Door

This particular download is a massive one, because it features 15 tracks from the same artist. The Attika State have recently released their new album, 'Measures', for which I'm still waiting to turn up in my mailbox. In the meantime, I've downloaded 'Genesis and Catastrophe' and 'Leave Your Dignity At The Door' for a grand total of 0.00 pounds. They're both wonderful pop punk records with their own share of rockin' choruses, catchy hooks and riffs, and a voice that's not actually annoying (a feature I find to be pretty common in pop punk bands).


Vessels - Ornafives

The drummer from Lost From Atlas once said to us that Vessels is the best band in the world. Though I respectfully disagree (it's actually Tubelord) there's a lot to be admired with Vessel's brand of post-rock. Here we have a song that's been part of their live set for a while now which has recently just been recorded. Subscribe to their mailing list on their website to get the track for free.


Mimas - Applications / Le Moustache

I'm going to Brainwash V Festival next week in Leeds, and one of the bands I'm most looking forward to is another outfit from Big Scary Monsters. Mimas, who will be releasing Lifejackets through BSM on October 25th, have made 2 songs from the upcoming album downloadable for free. You can get the links for both at Alter The Press!


Chickenhawk - Scorpieau

Chickenhawk is a vicious beast. Scorpieau is a vicious beast of a song. Download it.


Codes In The Clouds - Fractures / Don't Go Awash In The Digital Landscape

Codes In The Clouds are releasing a remix album of their brilliant album, Paper Canyon, as the aptly-titled Paper Canyon Recycled. You can download two full tracks (the others are excerpts) from the original release on their bandcamp, and also two tracks from the remix album.


As a bonus, here's a video of cats in a band, and a cat being chased by a dog... in a car chase scene!

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