Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Track: Kytes - Oh, Don Piano!

I've never really been so excited about a band with only three tracks heard than I am with Kytes. I think it's no secret, that if math (rock, core, etc) is a kind of food, I'd be the morbidly-obese kid living on his couch with stacks of pizza boxes from Tubelord's, mountainous piles of cans of carbonated Foals, and packs of Rolo Tomassi potato crisps surrounding him.

And Kytes will definitely not help me to reduce said over-consumption of said musical genre, especially since they just gave away their new track, Oh, Don Piano! for a bargain price of zero pounds and zero pennies. And oh, what a track it is.

This track has more urgency than their previous two, almost veering into punk and hardcore territory, yet still abundant with that rythmically insane, awesomely angular guitars and typically atypical math dissonance. If I had to make a band+ band comparison, it'd be a bit like if The James Cleaver Quintet had a baby with Grown Ups and then that baby grew up and had another baby with Tubelord.

I expect great things when their next EP, "Ursa Major, The Great Bear" comes out on 30/10/10.

Download this song for free HERE or HERE.

Also download their brilliant, two-track first EP HERE.

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