Thursday, December 23, 2010

Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias

Photo by Simon Fernandez.

Those Dancing Days are releasing a second album, so they decided to give away their first single from the album, and it's a brilliant one called Fuckarias. I'm not exactly sure what Fuckarias means, or if the four-letter profanity in it is significant. But the drumming here is insane.

Watch the video after the JUMP

Here's the music video:

The free download is available at


  1. I hunted down this page again to formally thank you for introducing me to this band. I randomly stumbled across your page back in January and almost skipped it and Fuckarias all together. Something pulled me to go back and watch the video and I fell in love with Those Dancing Days and your site. Keep doing what you do and I hope this is helpful on your ego. ;)

  2. Thanks Matthew!

    I'm glad you enjoy Those Dancing Days, and I always appreciate a comment, especially one as nice as yours.

    We've got a Facebook page (the link is under the chatbox), and I also write for another blog called Musical Mathematics. Do check that out if you have the time

  3. I just found the band and just learned that they are no more. First world problems.