Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Bearfoot Beware - No Face's Gold

Bearfoot Beware have changed much since their last release (if I remember correctly), The Elegant Philantrophist. Line-up changes have not only shaken up some musical duties, but also the direction their music has taken. From the post-punk/pop funk leanings of previous releases to the math rock/alt pop of No Face's Gold, it's safe to say their evolution has brought about the best out of them.

Tom Savini's Fake Blood starts off the record with a blaster. Enthusiastic, vibrant and quirkily jaunty, it sets the tone for the record with its shouty vocals, groovy basslines, jangly guitars and fantastic drumming. For most of the track, the energy is relentless, and then it slows down to a halt.

Gérard Depardieu then takes the torch, with its soft vocals to accompany the quiet start. As it builds up to a glorious, cacophonous wall of sound, the singer's snarky laughs throughout the track encapsulates the tone of the EP. Bearfoot Beware is angry, arrogant and confident (all in a good way), but not without its sense of humour.

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Catbus proceeds to showcase more of the vibrancy and melodious chaos that is abundant in the EP. Binary Pulsar is the mildest of the lot (barring the outro), but it's not without its share of noisy moments. It alternates effortlessly between soft vocals, strums and a touch of drums, and short bursts of utter mayhem. Outro track A Insomnia Strikes almost sounds like it could've come from a misplaced recording by Gold Panda, and it's a very strange inclusion, to say the least. But that's not to say it's unwelcome.

Vibrant, quirky and jaunty are the words that come up repeatedly while listening to this EP. Yet they've also managed to sneak in a few brilliant quiet moments to complement the energetic, confident majority. Wholly recommended, and with it being free and all, you have no reason not to get it.

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  Bearfoot Beware - No Face's Gold

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