Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review / Free Download: Is World - Turning EP

Is World takes its cues from the early emotional rock bands from Midwest America, and as fellow Illinois folks, counts Billy Corgan amongst its influences. In their debut EP, thick, crunchy guitars, melancholic lyrics and scratchy vocals definitely do dominate the songs as a result of this. But it's also much more to Turning EP than just that.

There are so many excellent things going on in this record, from the jangly, jaunty guitar lines of Either/Or to the anthemic Weezer-esque vigour of Stuck With Me via the heavy strings and drumming on For Now, ending with a mammoth 19-minute instrumental outro in the form of (reprise). They claim to be comprehensively educated in symphonic music and jazz, which explains why even within just four tracks (one of which is actually longer than the other three combined), Is World shows more ambition, scope and experimentation than most bands on a full album.

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Is World seems intent on throwing you a curveball just when you thought you have them all figured out. There is nowhere more evident than in the aforementioned final track, a bittersweet 19-minute journey through the genres of post-rock and ambient electronica. It seems almost self-indulgent at times, but Is World is comprehensively forgiven for this. Their musical experimentation is more often than not immensely successful, and strikingly poignant at times. Balancing an extremely dangerous tight rope between what works and what doesn't, Is World isn't a band content with comfort zones and safe choices. Turning EP is a commendable first effort that deserves serious attention.

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