Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Well Weapon Compilation Volume 2

Well Weapon Records, a Northern England-based independent label, houses some pretty sweet bands in their small roster, most notably Lost From Atlas and Zefs Chasing Cara. Knowing this, I went diving into their second compilation with high hopes.

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And it doesn't disappoint. The compilation is dominated by math rock in its many forms. From Bearcubbin's obnoxiously titled 7-minute epic opener to Duck, Little Brother, Duck!'s Billy Mays via the gang vocals in Girlfriends's Brobocop and the jazzy funk of Suffer Like G Did's cheekily titled Bring Me The First Aid Kit, Well Weapon's second compilation is also not without its curveballs. Observe No Monster Club's indie pop offering, Wish Me Well, and Laps Around The Sun's Ice Formations, a mixture of electronica and grunge-like guitars.

The last four tracks provide a relatively slowburning exit for the compilation, not unlike the dying embers of a once huge bonfire. Let me assure you though that was not a criticism. Einhorn's Getwellvet builds up a perfectly glorious climax for itself reminiscent of early 65daysofstatic. Reach from Lost From Atlas is less technical from the band's previous offerings, but they make up for it with an amazingly well-crafted song with both an explosive opening and an equally explosive end. Russia Today's Why Not? brings the intensity down a few notches with its mix of minimalist glitch electronica and soothing post-rock. The Widest Smiling Faces's The Only Lonely Ocean follows the ambient minimalistic mood set by Russia Today, but with a touch of Damon Albarn-like vocals, making the track not unlike a stripped down, beautifully bare to the bones Gorillaz b-side.

Track list:
1) Bearcubbin' - Stephen Baldwin's Address At The White House Press Correspondents Dinner
2) Girlfriends - Brobocop
3) No Monster Club - Wish Me Well
4) Laps Around The Sun - Ice Formations
5) Duck, Little Brother, Duck! - Billy Mays
6) Suffer Like G Did - Bring Me The First Aid Kit
7) Einhorn - Getwellvet
8) Lost From Atlas - Reach
9) Russia Today - Why Not?
10) The Widest Smiling Faces - The Only Lonely Ocean

You can buy the compilation at their Bigcartel and preview it HERE. The compilation comes with a zine that features brilliant graphic art from the likes of Matt The Horse and Orlando Lloyd.

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