Wednesday, June 1, 2011

News: Musical Mathematics - Second Time Lucky Compilation

Leeds collective Musical Mathematics - I write for them - has announced the line-up for our second compilation, aptly titled Second Time Lucky.

Our compilation this time around will feature the likes of: Grown Ups, Stagecoach, Gallops, &U&I, Hymns, Enemies, Shapes, Tangled Hair, Sport, Rico Demitri, Pharaohs, The Clippers, and more to be announced. The compilation will be available to download for free and as limited edition CDs.

After a hugely successful first compilation which featured The James Cleaver Quintet, Talons, Olympians, Dad Rocks!, Mimas, Tall Ships, Noumenon, and many others, we hope you will enjoy this second one just as much.

Check out and download the first compilation HERE.

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