Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Disease Called Happiness

I'm running out of space on my laptop. I'm thinking of buying an external hard drive for my music. If I could put all my music into an external source that would make my remaining hard drive space rocket up from 4.75 GB to around 110 GB.

The external hard drive that I have now is almost out of space too. I need to delete some stuff there. Like maybe skim down through my list of 500+ movies and delete rubbish like "Afghan Knights" or "I Know Who Killed Me."

Yes, I'm a fucking show-off. Fuck you.

Not really. I'm here to organise my thoughts after an afternoon nap.

Here's my video for the day:

Yes, it's in Malay. Your ears aren't fooling yourselves. It's Plague Of Happiness from Malaysia, with their infectious brand of Ska. This is from their album "Kawan."

Isn't Ska lovely?

Signing out

Over and out

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