Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've finally jailbroken my iPod Touch 2G. Hahaha.

And it was actually quite easy. It just took time. And boy, it was worth it. After a bit of tinkering about this is now how my Springboard (menu) looks like on my iPod Touch.

I've also recently modded the wildly addictive Fieldrunners game so that I get double the money for every enemy killed. It was awesome. I got to level 450, when previously I'd only got to about level 150. Anyway, I think I might change it back. I miss the old settings. Hahaha.

Jailbreaking is like discovering your iPod Touch again. Now I can play Gameboy, SNES and even Playstation games on it. And now I can directly put stuff like pdf files and word documents onto my iPod so I can view or edit it anytime. Of course you can do this with some apps on the App Store, but by jailbreaking, you can do it for free! I'm not willing to pay £10+ just so I can read my eBooks.

This is my video of the day:

Truckers Of Husk - Person For A Person

Now, if only that Tubelord album could come sooner.

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