Monday, March 2, 2009

Semantically Hopeless

Our semantics lecture earlier this afternoon was a disaster. Our dear Eytan, forgot his precious slides, and so proceeded to give a lecture bordering on assisted suicide.

I got so bored for the first time I wrote notes. But not notes of the usual kind. Here are my notes:

Section 1: Introduction

- you used the words 'semantics' and 'word' twice each in the same sentence.
- what?
- what the fuck?
- Uh... Er.... Uh...
- right...
- when talking about syntax, get your sentences right
- no slides = hopeless

Section 2: Stuff I Can't Understand

- I don't understand your sentence.
- affector -> Femo-what?
- beneficiary -> Mary ->Virgin
-> Bloody

- I think the problem is you.
- Ah yes. Just away from the problem.
- Your words are stabbing my ears with incomprehension.
- We're not learning anything yet.
- Yes, crystal clear. Sense the sarcasm.
- With what? What what?
- Your words might as well be arbitrary.

- Yes, but we just don't want to respond because that would give the illusion of attention.
- are we still in the introduction?
- it is not clear. We just don't know enough to even start asking questions.

- Yes, we know what a morpheme is.
- No slides = no direction
- you're repeating yourself

Section 3: Further Confusion And An Exercise In Incomprehension

- 'sometimes' should only be used sometimes.
- rate of the word 'semantics' used by Eytan per minute : 5 per min
- 'morphology' : 2 per min
- rate of words per min when explaining an important fact: 2321 words per min

- creativity in choosing names: 1 out of 10
- John
- Bill
- Mary
- Creativity in making sentences: 1 out of 10
- John is larger than Bill.

Yay! Complicated!

Verbal Predicates
- State of being
- Action
- Process

- inco-what?
- how do you expect to see your teeny handwriting from 20 feet away?
- watching the projector rot is more interesting
- we all don't know what John did. That's his business...
- Urm... Hebrew morphology. That sounds interesting
- Finally! Someone asked a question!
- I don't know why I'm reading about pensions
- Oh, I know why. This actually makes more sense.
- ennobled? 7 "noble"s in one sentence!


And that was the fruit of my semantics lecture.

Signing out

Over and out

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