Monday, March 15, 2010

Brunei Band of The Week: The Satellite Kids - B.O.S. Bombs Over Satellite

B.O.S. Bombs Over Satellite (The Satellite Kids)

Why people still use Purevolume, I do not know. Maybe it's an old habit people can't break. Yes, Myspace is a bit spam-ulous and ugly, but at least it gets the job done. And oh, there's so much more exposure there.

But then Purevolume allows easier downloads, I know. Which is all well and good, because that's made me download the Satellite Kids' EP in its entirety for a wallet-saving zero pounds and zero pence (that's zero dollars and zero cents in Bruneian currency, if you were wondering).

This EP itself is quite eclectic in its influences. Drawing elements of house, lo-fi rock 'n roll and a dash of Animal Collective circa-Merriweather Post Pavillion, it's certainly one of the better, more thought-out releases I've heard so far from the local scene.

I'm skeptical at calling this an EP at all. Sure, at 10 tracks and 31 minutes long, t would lean on the side of a short LP, but it's almost like refusing to call Los Campesinos!'s 'We Are Beatiful, We Are Doomed' an LP. It just sounds too complete as an album to be called an EP.

Keep in mind this time I didn't really ask permission The Satellite Kids to post this, since the whole EP is up for free download anyway. And this will be the logical thing for me to do, that is for me to update about once a week. It's quite hard to keep up as a daily feature. Especially with all the Uni stuff I've had to deal with.

Download the song HERE.

Download the free EP HERE.

Check out the Purevolume profile HERE.

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