Monday, March 8, 2010

Brunei Artist Of The Day: The Rudies


The Rudies - Cerita Kita

The Rudies (AKA Chemisoul) claim to have a universal approach to music, absorbing every influence they can. But after all that, they also say they major in Rocksteady, Ska, Reggae and Slow Rock. Formed in 2004, this Kuala Belait outfit numbers at an astouding 11 members, with five listed singers.

The song featured is titled 'Cerita Kita,' which can be translated as 'Our Song.' It's a slow rock tune verging on indon alt-rock and a little bit of reggae/ska just bubbling under the surface. It's a chilled out love song, really. Radio-friendly, pleasant and easy to listen to.

The band consists of:

Drummer - Abdul Azim bin Haji Rahman (Ajim)

Guitars - Ak Mohd zulkerain bin Pg Haji Waliudin (Adek), Md Husaini bin Omar Ali (Amat)

Bass - Syaddad Bin Abdullah (Dax)

Keyboard/Singer/Guitar - Aszim Bin Azmi (Ajeem)

Keyboard - Mohaimin Bin Hamdan (memen)

Singers - Fandi Bin Razali (Pan), Din, Khairul Arifen bin Wahdaley (Nazrul), Najib bin Abdullah (Najib), Elaine (Elay)

Crew - Nasir Bin Zulkiflee (Nasir), Faiz Bin Delima (Faiz)

Manager - Zack Bin Haji Rahman

Download the song HERE.

Check out their blog HERE.

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