Monday, May 10, 2010

Brunei Band Of The Week: Hero For The Day - Shattered Dreams

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Shattered Dreams (Hero For The Day)

Now it’s time for something different.

Now technically they’re a band from Brunei, since they formed as a trio there. But Syam (frontman/guitarist) is a Singaporean who lived in Brunei and had to leave because of the compulsory National Service. Bryant ‘Ozozo’ Leong (bassist/backup vocals) is a Bruneian born and bred, but left for Singapore to study. David Chin, the drummer, was left behind.

And now they’re a fourtet, with Arneez on drums and Ardillah as second guitarist (who are both brothers and Syam’s cousin). They’re also based in Singapore now.


Don’t be. All that should be irrelevant because at the end of the day, Hero Of the Day (see what I did there?) is an energetic band in the alternative punk rock mould that takes in elements from The Ata… Oh wait, let the boys tell it themselves. Take it away, boys!

Life would be much more easier if each band had their own well-done, professional-looking presskit. And by life, I mean my attempt to introduce you to bands.

Now, about the song itself, it’s a relentless three-and-a-half minutes of post-hardcore with a dash of pop punk. Right from the start, it drags you into the moshpit with its electric riffs and energetic drumming, unwilling to give you any time to even have a second for a breather.

For easy comparison’s sake, imagine Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday and Amber Pacific brought up a baby together under one roof in a TV sitcom entitled ‘3 Punk Bands & A Baby’. This is what that baby would become when it grows up.

Yeah, go on. That sitcom is going to work, I tell you. I’ve got the script for the pilot episode ready. I just need a TV network to sign me into a multi-million dollar deal. C’mon, anyone?

So if you like that song, (I know I do!), then here are some links for you to indulge yourself in more Hero For The Day.

Download the MP3 HERE.

Visit their myspace HERE.

Become a fan on their Facebook page HERE.

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