Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The BruNews Flash (11/05/10)

I haven't done any of these, but here's some news in the Brunei music world for you.
Karacoma recently unveiled the album cover and the full track list for their upcoming album, titled 'Shattered Dreams'. You can view the pictures HERE.

The Monopolist was recently approached with a contract proposal. Other than Hazwan saying it might not be the right time yet for them, I haven't got any further details as to whether this is going forward or not. They've also made their recent acoustic session with Pelangi FM available to download. Highlights include a great cover of The Strokes' Someday, and acoustic versions of their own songs, Moving In Time and Second Best.

About a week ago, Voize.My announced the winners of AVIMA 2010 via Facebook, with the site calling it “World’s 1st Online Music Awards Festival," with tongue firmly in cheek of course. Although not quite as successful as VIMA 10, Brunei still managed to bag a few noteworthy awards. You can view the full list of winners HERE.

All Klubai Organisation will be holding a free 'Meet the Fans' event on 30th May, so be there or be square.

On 15th May, the band Epic Frequency will be debuting their single 'Shades of Gray', while alt rockers Nation of Hydroge recently had their radio debut of their single 'Pemusnah', with a gig being planned on June 6th at the National Stadium. Local and regional favourites D'Hask collaborated with Adeb of P2F fame on the track 'Pergilah,' which enjoyed its radio debut on Saturday.

That's it for today!

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