Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mid-Week Excursion

Have you finished listening to that cover of The Strokes by my fave Brunei band right now, The Monopolist? Click on it. Okay, let's move on.

I've had a very long week. A very, very long week.

But that long week was extremely good. Amazing, even. Many times it was insane.

I went to London for a succession of gigs that left me in such a mangled state this Monday morning that right after my two-hour lecture (during which I struggled to stay awake) I fell onto my bed like a piece of brick being thrown down the KLCC.

So, what was I up to that left me in such pitiful conditions?

First, observe this video of Crystal Castles live. I was there, holding that camera trying my hardest not to fall down and get stampeded over a crowd in full adulation of Alice Glass. Yes, it was so deliciously violent I almost lost my shoe several times.

The next day, I went to see Japandroids, supported by Tellison and Yuck. Truth be told, this was the weakest of the three gigs I went to. But this is like saying the elephant is smaller than a whale and the Empire State building, or that Batman Begins is not as good as The Dark Knight. Dammit, it's still so, so good.

Here are some videos for your (and my) enjoyment.

Tellison ripping it up with a new song from their (yet-to-be-recorded) second album.

Japandroids, also with a new song

Then came Trood's T-Time, which congregated four awesome bands starting with the letter T in a small pub venue in Kingston. It was like a more awesome version of Sesame Street.

This video down here is a playlist. Click on the arrows on the side to cycle through videos from that night.

And now I'm back in York again!

Next gig to look forward to? Well, it's Evolution Festival in Newcastle, which is this weekend. Should be amazing.

Rage Against The Machine tickets should come this week too. So many things to look forward to! Not to mention my last paper of the year in three weeks!

Then I'm off to Brunei. I'm excited to finally get to see all these awesome Brunei bands I've been listening to from 3,000 miles away.

Fun fun fun.

Signing out

Over and out