Monday, August 16, 2010

Interview with Adi Rani: Projectunes, BeAT, & Manchester United

Adi Rani is a pop musician, producer and co-founder of record label Projectunes. I'm honoured to have interviewed a person who is one of the leading names in Brunei pop right now, while taking under his wings upcoming talents such as Juju Junaidi, Feez Madea and Aziz Harun.

Citing influences such as Pharell Williams, Paolo Nutini and Timbaland, Adi has produced and performed with many such as Lo Ryder and Wilma Moshek (which I have covered HERE), stamping his own brand of acoustic pop with a passion.

- What's your role in BeAT (Brunei Authors & Composers Association)? What excites you most about it's establishment?

I’m one of the pre-selected directors for Brunei’s first royalty collection agency. What excites me the most will be how this will help the local music scene as to give authors & composers the respect & rights to their written/published materials. For the first time ever, they will be receiving royalties for their work.

- How do you think BeAT will help the music scene in Brunei?

Since BeAT will be enforcing royalties/rights for both local & international authors/composers, those who has been licensed under BeAT Berhad will hopefully start playing local composition as this will help both Brunei’s economy (as money will be paid back to local composers) and also make people more aware on how Brunei have the same quality as what they have overseas.

- What's next after BeAT? Do you have anything planned?

The official launching of BeAT Berhad will be sometime after Hari Raya, so stay tune as will keep everyone posted via Facebook (BeAT Berhad) and the soon-to-be launched official website.

- Tell us about Projectunes. You've got some exciting names in the label. What kind of qualities do you look for when looking to sign someone?

Projectunes Records is an Independent music label started by me (Adi Rani) & Diana Latip back in 2000. Our first hit single was Diana’s “Don’t Wanna (featuring Reza_” which has earned recognition in the Kristal FM international chart & Kristal’s listeners choice award for Best English Song & Best Group/Duo.

We are proud of our repertoire of artists namely NJ, Juju, Spade, Ali Morphine, Khairy, Aziz Harun, Nafee (producer), Diana & myself. We all have different approaches to music so this what makes us more distinctive in the music scene.

Being different & with raw talent is what we usually work for, not those who just want fame, as according to my personal belief, it won't get you anywhere.

- Do you have any new or upcoming releases we should be excited about?

We’ve received tremendous support from the fans after the release of Khairy’s “Hanya Kamu” and now we’re excited to be releasing a new upcoming artists Aziz Harun & Yean (winner of Who’s Got Talent Season 2). Both of them definitely bring something different to the table so everyone should be excited as we were producing their very first single.

- As a producer, who did you enjoy working with most? What's a typical session when collaborating with someone?

I probably enjoyed most of my producing session with Nafee. We try to say whatever we can that will help make the best possible sound and music. Most of the time it's just us both getting into each other's headand making fun of each other's creations, and then there are those that lead to great tunes. Nafee is undoubtedly one of the best in the business and we’re at Projectunes are so proud to have us be the home of his music.

- When did you start learning to play and make music? When did you start thinking you can be a producer?

I was in primary school when I learned my first guitar chords - thanks to my oldest brother - and in 2000 I was then approached by Diana to do a remix of her new single. And the rest we can call it history.

- Who would you like to collaborate with?

I know it’s a long shot but I would love to work with JT, Usher & Jason Mraz (I would like to put MJ but that’s just over shooting it). hahaha

- Who are your idols? Who was the person that made you think "I want to make music"?

My parents, though they’re not musically inclined but they’re the one that always believed in what I can do and proud of what I have achieved be it in music & career.

- What do you listen to in the car? How about your workout music?

50% of the time, both my daughters screaming for formula and the rest is just what the missus usually decides to burn onto the CD. She has a really great taste in music, no wonder she decides to marry one.

Workout? Is that a trick question? haha

- the Projectunes line-up (you especially) did brilliantly in the 2010 VIMAs. How did it feel to receive regional recognition? How do you think it has helped you and Projectunes?

Honestly I wasn’t expecting to win anything during VIMA. I was invited to perform and that itself is an achivement for myself and our artists. Winning the crystal award is just icing to an already delicious cheese cake.

- Are you a gadget freak? What are you favourites?

I am totally a gadget freak. I have a never-ending wishlist of gadgets. Currently I have my iPhone, Macbook Pro & Lumix GF1 to satisfy my lust. Haha

My birthday is coming soon… (12-core Mac Pro anyone?)

- This has nothing to do with music, but I gather that you're a Manchester United fan. What do you think of their prospects this season?

Have you been stalking me? Hahaha

I have a feeling this will be an MU season. Last season was bad with loads of injuries in defence but watching them in pre-season games in USA, Mexico & Ireland, I must say MU is the team to beat.


You can find Projectunes's official website here, and Adi Rani's profiles on various social networking sites.

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