Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: Tubelord - Tezcatlipoca EP

I've so far spent my weekend (heck, everyday is the weekend right now) listening to some of my favourite records of the year, from the amazing debut album by These Monsters to the brilliant EP by The James Cleaver Quintet. But none has captured my attention more than Tubelord's new EP, the impossibly-spelled Tezcatlipoca.

We are treated to four tracks from a band whose expansion from a trio to a quartet has translated to a new musical direction. One is a demo recording of a song many might have heard before from their recent tours ('De2' or Desquared), which has the most familiar Tubelord sound you'd expect after spending some hours with their 'pop album for rock kids' debut, 'Our First American Friends.' Everything else points to what can be a very interesting second effort of an album.

The record switches from gentle murmurs to pop epics via big riffs and intense climaxes with almost no effort at all. Arbor, Ratchet and Bazel are all distinctly different from each other. Ratchet even has trumpets (!).

We always knew Tubelord is a band that musically can go anywhere at any given time. Some fans will be irritated at this change of direction, but this beast of a band cannot be contained and restrained with genres, subgenres and classifications. They're absolutely unique, and that's why they're one of my favourite bands of all time.

Download one of the tracks 'Ratchet' for free from their profile HERE.

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