Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Stagecoach - Tony Hawk / Jonah Lomu

What do you get when you bring in two wildly different characters such as Tony Hawk and Jonah Lomu together and ask them to make sweet, sweet indie pop punk? Well, the results won't be nearly as fine as what Stagecoach has come up with: a double A-side single with two foot-stompingly excellent tunes that's both intelligent and silly in equal measures.

Jonah Lomu by stagecoachuk

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True to character, Jonah Lomu is the more punchy of the two with its riotous chorus and lyrics about intimidating bullies (who aptly enough is personified in the song by the Rugby man himself). Weezer-esque at times, the song itself is about the ever-present bullies in your life who seem to always be watching over you, no matter what stage of your life you are in. Despite that seemingly depressing theme, it actually comes out as sounding quite optimistic, and in typical Stagecoach fashion filled with sing-along moments (who could resist just shouting out Jonah Lomu over and over again?)/

Tony Hawk then takes it down a notch and brings to our attention everyone's favourite skateboarding game and the slacker university students who play them. It starts with Luke Barham's acoustic guitar, then proceeding to exclaim 'and it goes like' before going ooh-woo-hoo all over us. Don't be fooled by the mentioned ooh-woo-hoos, as this is a damning critique of said students who spend all day getting high and playing video games while completely forgoing the opportunity they were presented with. It's a very valid point in a time when university fees are going up and employment are going down. But heck, it's not stopping us from stomping our feet and nodding our heads to the music, especially since it's all in agreement.

Here's Stagecoach playing Tony Hawk to the very people they're criticising (probably) at Leeds University during Live At Leeds:

Continuing with their theme of being immensely likeable, silly yet intelligent all at the same time, the first 50 people to buy the single at their live shows will receive a limited pizza box edition. It's out May 30th on This Is Fake DIY.

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