Monday, December 8, 2008

The Time Of Foals

I really can't wait. After what was a frustrating week, this week I've got them to look forward to:

A sonic fits of math rock and psychedelic pop with a dash of dance punk, techno and minimalism, their music is as catchy as a mutated flu, with lyrics that are as escapist as they are incomprehensible. I've mentioned Foals before on this blog. Like all Foals videos, this one is as incomprehensible as their lyrics.

Foals - Balloons

Hailing from Oxford (some of them studied at the University too) they came out with one of the best debut albums this year, Antidotes. Their music borders on instrumentalism, with the vocals rather than serving as a verbal expressive become a part of the sonic audio attack, especially in 'Red Socks Pugie' and 'The French Open.'

I'm going to see them this weekend at the sold-out show in The Carling Academy, Oxford. Just so long as my allowance doesn't get delayed by another week. Oh, by the way, click on the photo to go to the band's official website, and here for their myspace.

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