Friday, January 21, 2011

Exclusive: Matt Emery Plays Ghost Dreaming And A Song With A Long Title

Matt Emery has a different musical side to being the drummer of indie powerpop quintet Stagecoach with their quirkily fun, hilariously witty, contagiously enthusiastic tunes and live performances.

For those of you who haven't heard of Matt Emery's solo project, it's been described as 'hauntingly ethereal' and much like 'Sigur Ros scoring the piano.' Often breathtaking, always beautiful, Emery's voice interacts gracefully with the melancholic melodies of his piano. This is the soundtrack of the most vivid of your bittersweet memories.

Matt Emery has kindly agreed to perform exclusively for the blog on his acoustic guitar. Do enjoy.

Watch the videos after the JUMP

Matt Emery - Ghost Dreaming

Matt Emery - Just You And Me Stranded Out 2 Miles At Sea

You can download both performances as MP3 files here:

Here are a couple of live videos of Matt playing with his band Stagecoach recorded earlier that night at Fibbers, York, while on tour with Twin Atlantic.

Stagecoach - Hieroglyphics

Stagecoach - Headbangers' Ball

Signing 0ut

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