Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exclusive: My First Tooth Acoustic Session In The Lady Loo

It's not often you get an acoustic session recorded in the comforts of the mysterious ladies bathroom. But hey, that was the best-lit, noise-free environment we could manage to find in such a short amount of time.

Anyway, the band featured today is My First Tooth, who plays a delightful mix of alt-folk and indie pop that's both highly danceable and deeply emotional. It's a bit like doing the Macarena after your favourite kitten just died. Or not.

Watch the videos after the JUMP

Their album, Territories, is a folk-pop corker of an album. Go get it. Like, now. Or you can listen to it on Spotify first, if you want. HERE YOU GO.

The band has kindly (after I bribed them) agreed to play an exclusive acoustic session for the blog.

My First Tooth - The Factory

My First Tooth - Margaret Yen

In case you haven't read the first sentence and just skipped to the videos, you might have noticed that it was recorded in the ladies loo. This marks the first time I've ever recorded a session in a place originally designed for filthier things. And it turned out better than I could've expected.

You can download both songs as mp3 files here:

Signing out

Over and out

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