Friday, July 1, 2011

Free Download: Musical Mathematics - Second Time Lucky

Musical Mathematics has released their second compilation today and it is available to download for free. You can check out the description of each song to see if they're what you fancy and listen to individual songs by clicking on their titles. You can also download the whole digital compilation and get the bonus track 'Shed' by Title Fight from the Bandcamp.


Richter Collective, IRL. Math rock/Post-rock/Tropical.
Upbeat Math-y instrumentals perfectly paced to tug your heartstrings from the Irish four-piece outfit 

Topshelf Records, Boston USA. Pop/Rock, Power/Indie. 
Fast paced powerfully addictive summer jams from a brilliant two-man music team. 

Godmonkey Recording, UK. Alternative/Progressive. 
Four friends from Birmingham making music without boundaries. Eclectic tastes and an unstructured style make for high-energy filled catchy songs. 

Topshelf Records/Doghouse Records, US. Pop Punk/Punk/Post Hardcore. 
Chicago based rockers Grown Ups create a unique blend of Melodic Punk with passion and precision with a fierce Post-Hardcore edge.  

Big Scary Monsters/Function, UK. Post-Hardcore/Rock. 
Big guitars with intricate drums and a vocal line that’s far from priest like.

Clickpop Records/Topshelf Records, USA. Math Rock/Math Pop. 
Intricate math pop with a triple guitar attack and sparse vocals from an ever- evolving Washingtonian four-piece 

hiphiphip, FR. Rock/Indie/Punk. 
MM favorites Heliport finally released their long awaited album this year and have a lot in store for the rest of 2011. 

Unsigned. Melodic/Punk-rock/Pop-punk. 
France’s relatively unheard of Sport should be playing the warp tour, fun yet powerful punk-rock.

Head Records, FR. Math-rock/Noise-rock/Experimental. 
Having made quite a name for themselves through extensive touring Choux Crane is just one example of the sheer brutality this manic duo can produce.

Big Scary Monsters (UK) Zankyo Records (Japan), UK. 
Loud Bursts of Alt-Punk. Three long term friends delivering the music they love to you!!

Unsigned, UK. Fuzz/Alternative/Rock. 
This Brand new duo from the midlands smash distorted bass together with giant drum beats. BassVsDrums scenario. 
OnDryLand, UK. Experimental/Math Rock/Post Hardcore. 
Emerging from the flames that was once Blakfish to deliver a sound that will blow your mind.

Household Name Records UK, Kind Of Like Records US. Acoustic/Punk/Sing-along. 
Great Cynics and their fans sing about partying, sleeping on sofas and drinking beer with their friends. 

Topshelf Records/Fliff City Hit Squad, US. Midwest Emo/Punk/Indie. 
Fun, light and modest punk rock from the heart of the USA, full of outstanding sing-a-long moments. 

Big Scary Monsters, South East, UK. Indie/Math Pop. 
A band that started as studio based project and blossomed into something truly extraordinary.

Unsigned, UK. Math-Pop/Soft Rock. 
Stylish, smooth and subtle technical pop, full of sweet licks and harmonious tones.

Centurion Records, UK/hiphiphip, FR. Math-Pop. 
Ex-Haemostatic Picnic Racers hailing from Kent produce catchy pop-punk with a lovely helping of intricate tapping.

Alcopop Records/This Is Fake DIY Records, UK. Rock/Indie Pop/Noise. 
Anthemic skateboard indie pop with a flawless mix of humour, brains and a knack for well-placed woo-hoo’s

PonyRec, DK / Paper Garden Records USA. Post-Rock/Folk/Indie 
Soaring mix of folk and post-rock and a potent combination of Americana and Scandinavia sentiments and sensibilities 

Holy Roar/Blood & Biscuits, UK. Experimental/Electronica/Rock. 
England’s answer to Battles - dark, synth-driven dance movements powered by incredibly tight and precise drumming.  

21. Title Fight - Shed (Only available when you download the whole digital compilation)
SideOneDummy Records, USA. Punk Rock.
Fresh out of Kingston, Philadelphia Title Fight play youthful yet passionate stage diving punk rock.

via Musical Mathematics

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