Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Conquistadors - On Tape EP

Conquistadors (or Conks as they are affectionately known) – their third EP ‘On Tape’ is a pigeonhole-dodging, incredibly versatile record that aims to play with your expectations of genre conventions. The most specific term I can think of without being too narrow is melodic post-punk, but even that label falls short in describing Conquistadors sound in ‘On Tape’. 

The intro track is pretty much just a preview of songs so we’ll start with the second track ‘Black Swan’. In the songs first half it seems like we are treated to a brilliant mix of math pop and melodic punk, but then in the second half it excellently charges head first into Blakfish territory. ‘Homework’, with its pop melodies and wonderful harmonies, typify Conquistadors fearless, genre-surfing philosophy. 

Read the rest of this review and links to buy it on Musical Mathematics.This review also appears on zine issue #2, which you can buy HERE

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