Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Download: Enemies - We've Been Talking

If there's such a thing as Tropical Math then Enemies's We've Been Talking definitely fits that bill. Upbeat with a fair amount of technical playfulness, you won't find many better debuts this year.

Think Brontide on their summer vacation at a pool party in the Carribean and you've got Enemies. Consistent but not repetitive, technical and fun... Enemies's debut album are those things, and more. This becomes all the more incredible as they've recently just decided to make this album available to download for free (on Bandcamp) until Tuesday evening (2nd August 2011) to celebrate getting 2,000 'likes' on their Facebook page.

Will they follow in the footsteps of their Irish brethrens The Cast Of Cheers, who released their debut album for free and has gone on to much bigger things (for example, supporting Two Door Cinema Club at Brixton Academy)? I don't know for it sure, but they don't, it will be a massive shame.

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