Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Musical Mathematics: Review // EDiLS Recordings - Bear Left

My review of EDiLS Recordings's free compilation, Bear Left, is up now on Musical Mathematics.

The DIY Liverpool label, EDiLS Recordings, has come out with its second free compilation titled Bear Left. The diverse collection consists of 12 bands from 4 countries (England, USA, Finland, Sweden), many of whom go under the label post-rock.

The End Of The Ocean’s (Ohio, USA) ‘Maybe For The Better’ combines the apocalyptic gravity of Talons with the startling fierceness of …And So I Watch You From Afar, providing a deeply satisfying vista of events that’s both optimistic and mournful. Cool World’s ‘Only Fooling’ is a toe-tapping indie pop tune from Wisconsin, USA, which will be your summertime indie-pop anthem of choice, even if the weather’s shit and you’re forced to stay in all week.

Third track ‘Dime & Suture’ from Gifts From Enola is riff-heavy post-rock imported from Virginia, USA, with faint but audible, muffled screams providing an eerie, pained undertone that takes it up a notch above many of their more straight-forward brethrens. Liverpudlian alt country duo, Go Heeled, fuses the quirkier side of pop and the dancier side of indie to come up with this gem of a song titled ‘Hugs & Misses.’

To read the rest of the review and download the whole compilation, go to Musical Mathematics.

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