Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Found Glory Showed Up

Oh wow. I went from updating daily to not having updated for a week and a half.

Blame it on exams and New Found Glory.

So yes, New Found Glory was in London. Kentish Town, to be exact. Now, the only two good pop punk bands out there are Blink 182, and New Found Glory. Everyone else is either intolerably crap (Simple Plan) or too fucking inconsistent (Bowling For Soup). And yes, for some reason, they're both American. So it's quite a treat to see them in London.

Now Pill and I are so used to always being in front row. This is helped by the rather useful fact that most of the bands we like aren't massively big, so queuing one hour before the ticket says the door will open (actually it's always late) usually get you front row every time. But we knew New Found Glory won't be as easy.

Hell, we decided to rock up five hours before the doors opened just to be sure. With these lovelies.

Yes, five hours seem a bit excessive for a pop punk band. But hey, we weren't wrong. About twenty people were already there, camped out with all kinds of food and iPods.

Awie showed up a bit later (at around 5pm) with our tickets. There was already quite a considerable queue behind us, which justified our decision to come much, oh so much earlier before 5pm.

When the doors opened (right on time at 7-ish), we got front row like we hoped.

So after that it was all just a matter of enduring the support acts and waiting for New Found Glory.

Tonight Is Goodbye

The first act was Tonight Is Goodbye, who aren't half-bad.

Attack! Attack!

Second was the brilliantly-named Attack! Attack!, whose name would be an English teacher's nightmare if it were to be included in a sentence. "I'm waiting for Attack! Attack!" Yes, verbs shouldn't ever be in front of a band name. It's much better to say you're wating for Funeral For A Friend or something like that, which would confuse the heck out of people.


Third was Bayside, who are on tour with New Found Glory. They love reminding us that "we're Bayside, and we're from New York!" after every song.

Now, the reason why we were there in the first place. New Found fucking Glory.

The crowd, after being slowly warmed up by the three support acts (with the notable exception of the girl next to me who I shall call Miss Miserable), went crazy when New Found Glory stormed onto the stage.

New Found Glory - My Friends Over You

Like any good show, the audience wanted an encore, and of course New Found Glory obliged. And what better way to end the night with my favourite song from my favourite album by them, 'My Friends Over You.'

It was an incredible show. It's too bad I can't go the Leeds festival where they'll be performing live with an amazing roster of bands.

Signing out

Over and out

Note: some of the photos and all of the videos are courtesy of Awie

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