Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terrible News Blog

A band mistakenly called this blog the 'Terrible News Blog,' which prompted some hilarious misunderstanding on my part. But I won't go into detail about that.

There is indeed, terrible news today.

Colour is splitting up.

They say on their myspace blog that "the upcoming tour with blakfish shall be colour's last." The main reason for their impending break-up is that "the band seems to have become less fun for [them] over the past few months." Fair enough. So please check them out in their bow-out tour with Blakfish.

Colour live at The Peel, Kingston (from Beatcast TV)

This photo below is from when Pill and I went to see Tubelord at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston. Yes, Tubelord was amazing, as always. So was Blakfish and Colour.

Check out the blog entry for that night. I will be hoping to catch them at a gig sometime fairly soon. This is just too sad.

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