Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sounds Better With Who?

I've been updating less often because I've got exams.

As if.

I've been addicted to The Sims 3 and trying to make my player the star player in Fifa 2009.

Okay. Enough on my personal life.

This is the album I want right now.

'The Music Sounds Better With Huw'

This first compilation by radio DJ Huw Stephens features one of my favourite bands of all time (this is no exaggeration), Tubelord, and other excellent music-playing people like Calories, Pulled Apart By Horses and Copy Haho. Huw Stephens specialises in introducing new and upcoming bands on his radio show, so if you like new music, better pick this up. iTunes have got it, for a ridiculously cheap £4.99 for 21 great tracks.

You can also stream the whole album if you wanna taste how fresh music sounds like.

I've got to say, most - if not all - these bands are really, really good. Some are just plain awesome. This of course would include Tubelord, an awesome live band. I was at their show in Kingston, with Blakfish and Colour, two other great bands worth checking out. If you're interested in reading about that episode of greatness, clicky clicky here.

Did I mention that the Tubelord track on the compilation is a brand new track, possibly one off their new album? Some news on this debut album of theirs. Don't quote me on this, but I hear that the album might come out October, a few months late.

Tubelord are legends. I'm not saying like rockstar legends. More like they're legendary lads. That kind of stuff.

Tubelord - Feed Me A Box Of Words

As so far as I know, that above is their only music video so far. I look forward to more awesomeness from these guys. I have no doubt their new album will be brilliant and will get them the exposure they deserve.

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