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Free Downloads: March 2011

This edition of Free Downloads has been greatly helped by the Kytes EP competition, in which whoever gave me a link to a free song which I liked the best would win a copy of the excellent Kytes EP (review HERE). So thank you all for your submissions.

View and listen to all free downloads after the JUMP.

Beat Radio - Golden Age

This is the winning tune that won Tom Ward a free Kytes EP. This song reminds of a mellower MGMT with little hints of Local Natives. A winning tune indeed. 

Nanobot - Sparticles EP

While they've taken cues from fellow Irishmen Adebisi Shank and The Cast Of Cheers, the band Nanobot have got a softer electro sound that reminds me much of Passion Pit and LCD Soundsytem.

Explosions In The Sky - Trembling Hands

To build up anticipation for the release of their new album, 'Take Care, Take Care, Take Care' in April, post-rock gods Explosions In The Sky have decided to release their single, Trembling Hands for free.

Vazquez - Vazquez EP

This self-titled EP from Vazquez is full of riffs, musicianship and swingin' tunes.

Cramm by Three Trapped Tigers

Three Trapped Tigers - Cramm

With three rather brilliant EPs under their name and a reputation to match, it's unbelievable that Three Trapped Tigers have not got an album out yet. That's about to change with debut album 'Route One Or Die'. One of the freshest, most innovative bands out there, there seems to be very little doubt that their debut album will do nothing but match the lofty expectations from fans they've built up through their very exciting live shows. Free download available here: http://threetrappedtigers.heroku.com/

Men - Everything So Far

This is basically a collection of what Men (not to be confused with MEN) has recorded so far, and most of these are ace.

Darwin & The Dinosaur - 7 In A 4

Darwin & The Dinosaur plays terrific melodic punk in the mould of Grown Ups and Millencolin.

Time Columns - Summer

If you're a fan of 65daysofstatic's brand of post-rock, math rock grooviness, then you'll no doubt love Time Columns.

Tom Ward - Libertè EP

Tom Ward's Libertè reminds me very much of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Like GCWCF, Tom Ward's EP is deeply affecting and emotional, and at its best is absolutely sublime songwriting.

Our Lost Infantry - Parkin by ourlostinfantry

Our Lost Infantry - Parkin

Our Lost Infantry is the perfect mix of folk, pop, indie and rock. For fans of Frightened Rabbit, Sky Larkin and everything else inbetween.

Under The Tree (Radio Edit) by Eda Brig

Eda Brig - Under The Tree

It's very strange to me that Eda Brig reminds me of Malaysian screamo-ers Love Me Butch. This is because their influences lie elsewhere, from the likes of jazz legend Miles Davis to rockers Foo Fighters. Yes, this is all very confusing. Maybe just give the brilliant track a listen, and it'll all make sense.

Topshelf Records Fifth Year Anniversary

See, if you click on the banner there, you're getting yourselves a bargain. Topshelf Records, who recently released Talons's all-conquering debut album out in the States,  have made several releases from their excellent back-catalogue available for free to celebrate their fifth year anniversary.

  Recur by Vessels 

Vessels - Recur
Vessels's Helioscope is already shaping to be one of the best releases of 2011. Taking their sweet time with their second album (their last record 'White Fields and Open Devices' was released in 2008) has paid off greatly, resulting in a very tight, very impressive album with comparisons drawn towards Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros and 65daysofstatic. Recur is Track 4 of the album and is available to download for free.

Musical Mathematics - First Time's A Charm

Although I've recently joined the Musical Mathematics team, I can take no credit in their first debut compilation that features a mammoth 21 tracks from 21 bands. Included are the ferocious James Cleaver Quintet, the technical Tera Melos, the excellent Wot Gorilla?, and various other brilliant bands too numerous to mention.

  Yeah Buddy (aint nuthin but an acapella) by MattEmery

Matt Emery - Pulled Apart By Matt Emery

This is one of the best cover records you're ever going to get. Taking a unique view yet still maintaining the essential ingredients which made the originals great, Matt Emery's collection of Pulled Apart By Horses cover is nothing short of excellent. You can read the my full review HERE and download the EP HERE.

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