Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Tangled Hair - Apples EP

From the ashes of Colour (two-thirds of them, to be exact) up rises Tangled Hair. This debut EP from the trio - although the demo itself definitely deserved its own full release - will undoubtedly be endlessly compared to Alan Welsh's and James Trood's former band, but after just one listen to Apples, it's clear they have definitely evolved musically and applied new influences to their new musical project, especially with  the inclusion of bassist Alex Lloyd.

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This is math pop at its best, with dashes of jazzy influences omnipresent in Welsh's guitarwork. The vocals are ripe for gig sing-alongs, the melodies are made to dance to, and the time signatures are as unconventional as it can be before it starts becoming an incoherent mess. Intricate and unpredictable in equal measure, Apples is a gloriously-layered record. If it doesn't catch you at first try, then be patient and it will grow on you. This is an EP worth your time and effort.

1) I'm Calmer Than You Are
2) Forty Winks
3) Campfire
4) Daylight #1
5) Daylight #2

The album is officially out on April 11th, but is available on iTunes now.

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  1. check this guys, good stuff you may need to hear! they are sharing his record all over twitter