Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joseph & David - Here's To My Old Friends (Live)

Last Saturday I went to see Stuart Warwick play the Left Bank in Leeds, a church that has been converted into an arts and music venue. The place itself is beautiful, and while lighting the candles, we found a papier mache Jesus hiding in the narrow passageways and unicycles in the store room. This surreal theme befitted the nature of the show, as Stuart Warwick's voice definitely benefited from the brilliant acoustics the church provided.

One of the many highlights of the show was the first support band, Joseph and David. David Henshaw's voice is hypnotising, complemented beautifully by his own guitar and the trickling of Joseph Lawrenson's piano. Other than the named Joseph and David, Kieran O'Malley further added to the bittersweet atmosphere of introspection with his often mournful violin-playing.

Listen to 'Father' from their EP 'So Short Of Time' after the JUMP

In their brilliant EP 'So Short Of Time' (which you can listen to and buy on their bandcamp), there are several other musicians lending their talents, and it all builds up to a great record worth listening to over and over and over again.

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