Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: Kytes - Ursa Major, The Great Bear

The blog's favourite math punks are at it again. Kytes's debut two-track EP was only a taste of what these boys can do, and with new release 'Ursa Major, The Great Bear,' they completely justified the excitement that I had built up waiting for this overdue follow-up. Originally scheduled to come last October, the delayed March release made me quite concerned that it would not be worth the wait. Boy, was I wrong.

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The record wears its influences proudly, meshing elements from Blakfish, Grown Ups and Pulled Apart By Horses seamlessly and effectively into four/five-minute math punk epics. Jangly, discordant, and angular, yet cohesive, intricate, and layered, Kytes have got themselves a winner of an EP here. Let's hope their next record won't take as long to release as this one.

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The EP is available to pre-order HERE as a limited edition physical copy (£3) or as a digital download (£2), both of which will be available on March 14th.

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