Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Escapism In Plans

The Streets - The Escapist

When it comes to hip hop I guess I lean more towards British hip hop. Nothing too gangsta. The Streets, aka Mike Skinner, has recently come out with his album, Everything Is Borrowed. It's not bad. 'A Grand Don't Come For Free' was better, but 'EIB' is different. Good different. Skinner is well-known for rapping about things people actually go through like eating kebabs and urm, losing a grand at the back of a television. But yeah, there's none of that wealth-flaunting, bling-obssessed, sexist stuff.

There's also the quite younger Plan B, a more agitated, yet thoughtful youth that ponders and questions the notion of forced morality and the knife culture of other youths. Still waiting for his second album. This song wasn't even on his first.

Plan B - Cast A Light

This is my favourite Plan B song. How often do rappers rap about their mamas? And to discuss something like this so maturely and thoughtfully at his age, I admire Plan B. And the way he incorporates an acoustic guitar in his music. It's brilliant.

Plan B - Mama (Loves A Crackhead)

If you've seen Adulthood (sequel to Kidulthood), you might recognise him as Dabs. His song, Kidz, was also used in Kidulthood.
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