Friday, November 13, 2009

Brunei's Independent Music Group

I'm just here to make an exciting announcement.

I am now the official media reporter for the Brunei's Independent Music group. It's a group dedicated support talented Bruneian musicians no matter what the genre. It's a place where musicians from Brunei and their fans can update themselves on the news, events, shows, video premieres, interviews and photos.

My first task is to interview the Bruneian contestants for VIMA 2010 (Voice Independent Music Awards). You can view all the submissions so far here.

The Bruneian musicians that are nominated are:

I Mean The Snakes [myspace]
Karacoma [myspace] [facebook]
Iza Hazirah Safwan [youtube]
A Band Once [facebook]
kLip [purevolume]
Magabu & The White Shoes [popfolio]
Burn & Soul

Anyway, this is all very exciting. The genres of these musicians are quite diverse, but my music taste is quite diverse as well, so I don't mind doing this. I'm not an expert on, say, hip hop, Indonesian alternative rock, but I'll try my best to cover them.

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