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Interview With Lost From Atlas: Salamis, Gypsy-Tech & The Wildebeest of Deceit

Lost From Atlas is, using their own words, a band that "challenges the conventional ways of performance, interlinking song structures and playing whole sets without any breaks or gaps between songs." Now their music is, according to my words a few months ago, as if "Foals had an illegitimate baby with Explosions In The Sky, and Yannis Philippakis wasn't involved in its rearing."

They are definitely a talented group of musicians, that's for sure. Their songs are an assortment of incredible guitar work, creative drumming, unorthodox breaks and changes, all dipped in a powerful mixture of emotion, passion and intelligence.

The video below is the guitarist, Danny Gallagher, with an acoustic guitar. That video is in itself an amazing piece of work. Imagine what the full band sounds like. Intrigued? Check out their myspace then.

The band itself consists of Liam Ledgeway (drums), Orlando Lloyd (bass) and Danny Gallagher (guitar), and all three are extremely talented. I've seen them live a couple of times, and both shows have been incredible experiences. This tour of theirs will get them the exposure they deserve, as music this beautiful should not just be kept for the people of Leeds and York. Hahaha.

Much thanks for Danny Gallagher for representing Lost From Atlas for this interview.

D for Danny Gallagher
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And as always, M is for Me.

M: First off, why the name Lost From Atlas?

D: We honestly cant remember, so we'll put it down to God blessing us with the name. Like Damien the Devil's son had 666 on his head, each band member just had a word on theirs. It spelt 'Lost From Atlas', this is how the band name was born.

M: Your album was supposed to go out tonight and launched at Fibbers, but due to a mix-up, the album won't be for sale yet. What exactly happened?

D: Basically the printing company that was printing our album said that our albums would be ready in 2-3 weeks. We sent off the order around 10th of October, so we should've definitely had the albums by the 14th of November. But the company emailed us saying it won't be ready until the 26th! It's so fucking annoying, but we can't do anything about it. Orlando's going ape shit about it though, stupid ginger.

M: How do you guys know each other? When did you start the band?

D: Liam had the Triforce of Truth, Orlando had the Triforce of Power, and Me (Danny) had the triforce of Wisdom.

No that's a lie, we met at school and started the band in our last year of 6th form, we have been going just about a year now!

M:What's the name of the debut album? Does the album sound like the Lost From Atlas we all know and love? Or have you done something different?

D: The album is self-titled, i think it's what everyone knows and loves? We just do what want really and hope people like, it's gone down well (ish) so far so we'll see how this one goes down. Well we hope!

M: How does it feel to have recorded your first album?

D: Sick.

M: How do you go about writing songs? Who or what are you influences?

D: Erm that's tricky, we usually just 'jam it out' at practices or we each have the odd riff or idea somewhere and we build on that. Our influences vary really, for example Liam loves stuff like Aphex Twin and Johnny Rabb (whoever that is), and I love stuff like Brand New and Bloc Party. But we all love stuff like 65daysofstatic and Battles. We like anything really. I like the new Susan Boyle song and i dont give a shit!

M: What was the best gig you performed at? The best gig you went to as an audience?

D: Our first gig was about a year ago at Fibbers, and the best gig we went to would either be The Dillinger Escape Plan at Leeds Cockpit or maybe Metallica at Leeds Fest 08, fucking insane! Or Swimwear Juniors in York, sick.

M: So, you're gonna be on your first tour. Any particular places you are really looking forward to go perform at?

D: Yeah, we're excited about it. We're looking forward to playing Oxford and Leeds mostly I'd say! The whole thing will be fun though, I hope.

M: Who is the Tom Robinson from your (incredible) song, "Tom Robinson Must Die"? And must he die, really? What has he ever done?

If you know the band 'Ghosts On The Intercom' it's the lead singer, we are actually really good friends with him and I spent a lot of time with him at 6th form. It's just funny to take the piss out of him sometimes. We love him though. Love you Tom.

M: Non-musical heroes. Name three.

D: John Carpenter, Chris Morris and Ant or Dec. Either one will do.

M: Musical heroes. Name three.

D: Ben Weinmen, Jaco Pastorious and 'The Cheeky Girls'. Any one will do.

M: What is your favourite place in York?

D: To play? Or to go? Early Learning Centre, so much clunge. Or to play, hmm, The Basement Bar probably.

M: For Orlando. Where do you get your ideas for your artwork? Who is your biggest influence in your art?

D: He says "I don't know I don't really have one specific influence, I juice off the top of my head. I look in the fridge and it comes to me like a piece of Salami from the depths of hell.

Pictured: a piece of salami out of the depths of hell

M: What's the meaning of life?

D: A goose in a barn in Shropshire fighting against the Wildebeest of deceit.

M: Describe Lost From Atlas in five words.

D: Gypsy-Tech, Wabzansm, Salmon-Core, Post-Pigeon, Nu-Wench.

*End of Interview*

If you're around York and are free tonight, then please do come to their first headlining gig tonight, with supporting bands Surprise... Fire and Trophy Club (ex-Swimwear Juniors). It's sure to be a magnificent experience.

You can download their EP for free below:

Be sure to buy their debut album when it (finally) comes out.

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