Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Door Cinema Club @ Fibbers, York

If you remember a few months back I went to see a Foals show in London, and it was in Heaven. Literally. That was the name of the venue. And if you remember that, you might remember that one of the support bands were Two Door Cinema Club, who at the time did not have a drummer. Well, now they finally have one. And they've been touring with him ever since.

So to fully experience the groovestasticity of the band with a full line-up, we decided to check out their gig at Fibbers last Monday night.

But of course like always, there are the support bands. The first band, named The Sockits, would be best described if I changed one of the vowels on their name and changed it with another vowel.

They were so bad I stopped recording halfway to spare you the pain. I'm usually very supportive of support acts. I've discovered some favourites of mine who supported other people, like Youthmovies, Jonquil, Lost From Atlas, The Mariner's Children and even Two Door Cinema Club. But this one was so horrible I was glad I came late to only catch two songs from them. Or maybe I missed the best songs. Who knows.

The Sockits

The next band was Bearfoot Beware. And they were so much better. Math pop punk, that's how I would describe their sound, because to me they sound like Anti-Flag had wild, wild... urm... flirtations with Youves and resulted in this monster.

The audience was kind of, well, not too receptive. And it's too bad, because Bearfoot Beware are very, very entertaining and a joy to watch. So when the frontman decided to abandon the stage and sing in the space between the first row and the crowd of people too 'cool' to even consider watching a support act, it was appropriate when he said "well, might as well use the space then."

Bearfoot Beware - Bamboo Nightlife

Then came Two Door Cinema Club, a band who even Kanye West seems to be excited about. I would make a "I'm sorry for interrupting you..." joke, but it has been officially overdone by everyone and it is now stale. Yes, I have the badge declaring I'm the internet meme police. That shit has got to stop.

Anyway, Two Door Cinema Club is just a joy to listen to. Their electropop groove resonated with the crowd who finally had the common sense to come closer to the stage, some of whom who were screaming teenage girls swooning over ginger Irishmen and reaching out their hands in worship. At least they're enjoying themselves. As did us.

Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn

Check out their new single as well. It's absolutely brilliant.

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk

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