Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lost From Atlas @ Fibbers

My (extended) weekend, if you care to know, was wonderful. Friday started with me missing a seminar and going to one lecture, and picking up Pill from the station. Nothing special, much. Saturday morning was me and Pill watching (re-watching in my case) the excellent Ross Noble just surreally improvising his jokes and making a legend out of himself while we munch Crunchy Nuts with some Alpro Soya Milk. Saturday night belonged to Lost From Atlas.

The night out started with a foot long Veggie Patty sub from Subway. Which is excellent with sweet onion sauce and double cheese. I recommend it to you, even if you're not vegetarian. It's excellent, especially with a 50% off voucher you can get from your local University's Fresher's Fair. And it's a hunger-buster too, even if you don't get the meal option. With less calories than...

Wait, no. This isn't a food review blog!

Yes, this is a blog centered mostly around music and my attempt to sound just a bit knowledgeable about it and act like I've got a superior musical taste to most of you just because you listen to Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and things on Radio One and I listen to obscure bands that most people have never even heard of. Yes, obscure tastes = cool. It's in the hipster handbook. For which I was never issued because I was deemed too uncool, too unhip.

To start off, I'm pretty sure you've never heard of Tom Welbrock unless you're one of his friends and family, which I would consider cheating. A Google Search would only yield his Facebook profile (which is set to private). So I'm forced to assume he is friends with the guys from Lost From Atlas. That's why he got the support gig. Which is okay, because the whole thing does feel like a party amongst friends.

Did I mention this was supposed to be an album launch for Lost From Atlas? If I did, did I mention that the whole thing got mixed up and now it's going to come out much later? Check it out, it's in the interview with the band.

So what can I say about Tom Welbrock? Well, he plays his keyboard to the tunes of some famous theme songs from films and video games. Which sounds geeky, but it's not, just because. He got a very positive reaction from the crowd, which might be helped by the fact that most of them were drunk and friends with the guy. Which is again, okay with me.

Tom Welbrock, everybody

Then we have Trophy Club, a newly-formed band who I'm told are ex-members of Swimwear Juniors. This piece of information does not help me because before Friday night I did not know who Trophy Club or Swimwear Juniors are. But hey, again it's fine. Because they're very, very good. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and a drumset, this duo churns out charm like Rolland Emmerich churns out abysmal disaster films devoid of character development or plot. That is to say, I like Trophy Club very, very much, which is why we bought their CD for a bargain £1.

There's a video for all your troubles reading that very messy paragraph. Unfortunately the video is equally messy, the lack of quality being in the video-taking and has nothing to do with the actual performance, which was ace.

Surprise! It's a fire! That might probably be way below the lists of things you want to be surprised by, just below being killed by Ewoks and Darth Vader being your father. Actually, having Darth Vader as your dad might be quite cool. I won't mind migrating to the dark side if it means a kickass bring-your-dad-to-school day. That kid with the fireman dad just can't compete, no matter how many lives he's saved.

Despite the dangers of unexpected embers, Surprise... Fire is quite a good treat. When their myspace said to expect a party, a party was what we got.

Oh how we danced and jumped and let ourselves go. It was all quite merry, and we did enjoy ourselves.

Surprise... Low quality video! And high quality performance!

Last but definitely not least (which is quoting Captain Obvious since they're the headliners) are Lost From Atlas. My last post was an interview of them, who were represented by the guitarist, Danny Gallagher.

And he is this guy here

Do I really need to describe them again? I had just described them in the interview (which used a description from a previous write-up), so please read that one if you're curious. It's the post before this.

Orlando Lloyd

I thought the second half of their gig was a lot better than the first, which might have been due to technical problems. It took them a while to get into gear, but once they did, there's no question who's the headliner of the night. They're not a band you can sing along, which might be best explained by the fact that they're an instrumental band. But you wish you could. The only lyric to be found in the whole of their setlist was sung by so much fervour by the crowd you fear that they might just chant that throughout the whole show.

Liam Ledgeway

But nay. Sanity prevailed, but just about. If any band deserves to be labelled as Progressive Orgasmic Rock, Lost From Atlas might just be it. No, you have not heard that sub-genre before, because I just invented it. That's right. Lost From Atlas is so [insert adjective describing being in a states of ecstasy] they deserve a new sub-genre. I might just shorten it to Atlasism.

Next time I'll write up about that time I went to a Two Door Cinema Club gig and that it was awesome and that I like Irishmen playing infectious indie with the help of technology.

Signing out

Over and out
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