Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brunei Artist Of The Day: Carliano (Feat. Dee) - Chain of Events

Carliano (Feat. Dee) - Chain Of Events

For fans of: 50 Cent, Jay Z, Gangsta Rap, etc (sorry, I don't know too many rappers)

If you don't like profanity, don't press play. If you don't mind, continue.

So what's next in line after some indie, some pop, some metal and some grunge? If it's not obvious to you, then I'm telling you now, it's gotta be Gangsta Rap.

Hip Hop have had a good following in Brunei, with MicBandits right now grabbing the headlines (even getting Joe Flizzow to feature in their video), and though I can't really classify Brunei as a country of ghettos known to nurture the best of gangsta rap, Carliano here does a good job of embodying/emulating the visceral nature of the genre.

Part of me thinks it's ironic, especially with the poklen and kijang reference, but I don't know for sure. And oh, the rapping in Brunei Malay is hilarious, in a good way. I do think Brunei Malay is an untapped resource for rap. I know, some rappers have done it. But imagine, a flourishing Bruneian rap scene.

Some do regard rap as poetry, and I know some rappers do have the lyrical fluency and wordplay capabilities for it to be considered so. So Bruneian rap might become the next form of Bruneian poetry. Think about it.

I said think about it.

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Download the song HERE.

Check out Carliano's youtube channel HERE.

Check out his website HERE.

P.S. I'm certain this song is meant to be ironic. I'm certain. Or is it? Hmmmm.....

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