Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brunei Band of The Day: 5.10 am

Bintang Di Langit Malam (5.10 am)

5.10 am is a Brunei band in the Indonesian alternative tradition, and as a big fan of Sheila On 7, I certainly can draw some similarities between the two bands. Their lyrics also betray the same obsession with the sky that many Indonesian bands also share, such as Peter Pan and Dewa.

I certainly do like the music these guys are making. And the Bruneian public agrees. Recently they performed with another Indon-alt rock favourite, A Band Once, and this single peaked at 2nd Place on the 'Carta Kitani' on Pelangi FM.

The band consists of Alwie, Fik, Fauzi, Eio/Khairul, Sach, Amin and Eiji, and their Facebook page states that they hail from Tungku.

Their new single, Walau Sesaat, will premiere on Pelangi FM on Monday 8 February (tomorrow) at 5pm. Of course it'd have been apt for it to be launched at 5.10 am, but hey, we all know not too many people listen to the radia at dawn.

Download the song HERE.

Become a fan on their Facebook fan page HERE.

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