Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brunei Band of The Day: The Monopolists

Moving In Time (The Monopolists)

One listen to this song, and who does it remind you of? If it doesn't remind you of the Strokes, then, well, it just should. This is a Bruneian indie-garage rock band firmly influenced in said New York indie gods and Nashville rock megastars, Kings of Leon.

Become a fan on their Facebook Fan Page HERE.

Visit their barely updated myspace HERE.

Check out their other single, which is also ace. It's on their Facebook page, on the tab called Music.


Amin Aziz Rahman - Guitar/Vocals
Qawiem Jamil - Guitar/Vocals
Hazwan Azani - Guitar
Nuruddin Sufian - Bass
Maliki Aziz - Drums

"Formed in early 2009. We play indie rock that resembles garage rock sounds. Influenced by The Strokes, Kings Of Leon and Muse.

We just want to make good music, hope you guys will like it"

Submitted by Hazwan Azani.

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