Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brunei Artist Of The Day: Wilma Moshek

Wilma Moshek - Mengapa (Feat. Adi Rani)

Wilma Moshek is a singer-songwriter from KB who has undertones of Michelle Branch in both her singing and songwriting. Dare I say it, she's a Bruneian Michelle Branch. I'm hoping she'll treat that as a compliment, because I think it is.

The song itself is fully written and composed by her, and produced by ProjecTunes Records. This involvement with ProjecTunes also comes in the form of one of Brunei's most prominent producer/singer/composer being featured in the song. If you still have to be told, then well, okay. It's the award-winning Adi Rani.

This song has been released recently as a single on February 1st. Go request it on Kristal FM or Pelangi FM.

Download it HERE.

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