Thursday, February 26, 2009


I find this video beautiful:

Noah Kalina, as explained, took a photo of himself everyday since 2000. After six years, he decided to make a video out of it and asked then-girlfriend Carly Comando to write a song for the video. Now it's a youtube sensation, and has even been parodied by The Simpsons. If you ask me, being parodied in The Simpsons is possibly the best honour there is.

Kalina's life flashes right before our eyes, and with his expressionless face and changing background we follow him age and change. Though he ages, his face pretty much still looks the same. He is essentially the same person. No matter how much things change around him, or how bits of him seem to evolve, he is at core the same person he was and always have been.

What this video also seem to say is how short our lives are, how time flies by, be it six minutes or six years, or a lifetime. Mortality is laid bare. Death seems inevitable. People come and people go. Material things are temporary.

By putting on what is essentially a beautified slideshow, he unintentionally (or intentionally?) reveals our very own mortalities and our very own short lives, flying past everything at speeds that blur our very own perceptions.

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