Sunday, February 8, 2009

Review: Tipsy - Buzzz

Artist: Tipsy
Album: Buzzz
Rating: 3 out of 5
In a nutshell: Seductive and colourful

If this played in the lobby of a five star hotel or a fancy restaurant, I promise you, no eyebrows will be raised. In fact Tipsy's music has been in various forms such as TV shows (The Sopranos, Sex In The City) and TV ads.

This is indeed jazz, in its more exotic form. If you're not a fan of jazz, not much might interest you here other than the use of samples and loops. If you are, then you'll be seduced into an evening sitting down and listening to them for hours.

'Buzzz' has groove, no doubt about it. Their way of achieving that groove though is quite unconventional. It's also quite exotic and - wait for it - erotic, as if it could be a soundtrack to one of the most relaxing film sex scene you'd ever see.

I agree, experimental lounge jazz might not sound the most appealing thing to listen to for most people. And some jazz purists might balk at the heavy use of samples and synths. But if you're willing to open your mind and let yourself go, you might find yourself sipping a cup of tea slowly moving your head to the sound of 'Chop Socky.'

Tipsy - Chop Socky

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