Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review: Random Hand - Inhale / Exhale

Artist: Random Hand
Album: Inhale / Exhale
Rating: 4 out of 5
In a nutshell: Might just be the perfect antidote
after Capdown's break-up

As their Myspace proudly proclaims, this album consists of "12 brand new tracks of triumphant ska / metal mash-up". This concise description is mostly accurate, only forgetting to mention Punk in its genres list. Taking the cue from other Punk / Ska /Metal bands such as the now-defunct Capdown, this Keighley outfit blasts through the album with anger and fervor.

Yes, this is more Punk than Ska or Metal, teetering between The Clash and Rancid and displaying the rebellious political anger that punk has been associated with all too well. In it's song 'British,' it starts with an abruptly interrupted 'God Save The Queen' and then the frontman sings "Stand up for the anthem / salute the flag/ respect the monarch / or push it back."

Undoubtedly this is still partly Ska, as we can hear from the brass instruments and an accelerated reggae beat. In songs like 'For Roni' and 'The Eyeballs Of War' this is more evident. In songs like 'The Right Reason' and 'Mass Producing Monsters' it is the Metal that shines through, with its heavy guitar riffs and pacey drumming.

What we have here, ultimately, is a record that perfectly balances the three genres and still project its anger towards the social and political ills of the current world. Recommended for any fans of the three genres.

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